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This site of Clinics Ayurveda and Tibetan medicine doctors of Bay-Bal.

Panchakarma. From the year 2000, our clinic has been treating chronic diseases using methods of Ayurveda and Tibetan medicine, namely Panchakarma. Panchakarma Ayurveda is in a central position and is considered the most effective method applicable to the vast range of diseases, especially chronic, that are beyond the scope of classical medicine. Panchakarma is a unique therapeutic method by which a high internal cleansing of the body takes place, to the cellular level almost to the level of cell membranes.

Aesthetic medicine. Clinic Ayurveda and Tibetan medicine, together with FitnesSpa center created a unique integrated programs for physical and internal transmutation i.e., the aesthetics of the body and face. We were able to combine the best of both health and fitness to achieve secure and clear effect on the individual and integrated programs. The results, which we are willing to share, in training programs.

Education and enlightenment. Our team has extensive educational activities among the people in the right way of living, nutrition and disease prevention. Only our clinic teaches Panchakarma effectively and awards fellowships from doctor Bai-Bal. The doctor feels that other forms of training to master Panchakarma ineffective. Part of our research, you can find on the site.

Tetraktis. Dr. Bai-Bal, for many years in search of truth, is conducting a comprehensive study of ancient symbolism. As a result, which is a monumental work, a monograph «Tetraktis», which hid all the ancient laws of the universe. Symbol Tetraktis, is the key that opens many truths to constantly coming toward her. For those who wish open unexplored in science, physical or metaphysical understanding of his will display the correct path, or at least selected areas. The monograph clearly proved that this character, one of the most enigmatic and at the same time, quite common among all religions and secret orders, is a testament to us of our ancestors, to preserve the profound truths and laws and bytya. Surprisingly, but found Tetraktis fully all the medicine that was, is and will be, all its laws logical, clear and very simple. The doctor is preparing a separate, a monumental work on the results of their medical research. In the meantime, you seeker of truth, given the opportunity to acquaint themselves with parts of Labor «Tetraktis».