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Reviewers: Valishin A.G., Doctor, Technical Sciences, Professor;

Rozen N.B., Candidate Pedagogical Sciences;

Kiryuhina E.C., Candidate Philosophical Sciences, Lecturer;


P 80 Bai-Bal (Prokopjev, P.P.). Tetraktis: Monograph. Kaliningrad:

Published BG ARF, 2010. -412p.


ISBN 978-5-7481-0201-8


Tetraktis Its an ancient and surprisingly very simple symbol consisting of an equilateral triangle with 10 dots (commas) placed inside. In spite of its simplicity, ancients managed to conceal in it all of the laws of cosmos, structure of Universe, analogy and similarity, laws of duality and rhythm, vibrations, cause and effect and their effect on human being as a microcosm.

Egyptian Pyramids so much of mystery and secrets that are yet to be uncovered by us human beings. This colossal structure stands in Giza and for thousands of years its still a question as to why was it constructed and what secrets can be divulged from it?

As a matter of fact the symbol of Tetraktis is but a two dimensional representation of the Egytian Pyramid, and is that Lost Key to all the mysteries that people have been searching for all these years, its the very same Word that the Freemasons have been searching for all these centuries that is in their sanctum sanctorum. The key or the symbol or the word was never lost but stands in the deserts of Egypt in all its splendor all these years. The Pyramid was not a mausoleum for the dead pharaohs but a treasure chest guarding its True wisdom that has been given to us by the ancients.

Tetraktis is the symbol, Key that opens the way to ancient and true wisdom. Its the key that opens to the Graal, Philosophers Stone, and paves the way to the rise of humanity. Its the mythical alkahest and soma, the life giving water from the fountain of eternal youth from many of the mythologies. It is the way to Creator, Wisdom and this is possible only through and with tetraktis. Only those who are pure of heart, soul and body, who have cast aside all of the impurities and Rust can manage to walk along this path.

In modern materialistic language this work is an esoteric ancient doctrine based on the great symbol known as Tetraktis. Tetraktis forms the Origin for Tetragrammaton, the Sefirot Tree and Tarot as well as giving a simple but profound insight to the Kabbala.

In the ancient times those who wanted to become Adepts had to go through an arduous and long training so that they can be initiated to the mysteries. Modern world entreats a different way of transfer of wisdom. This work is an Initiation to those who seek the mysteries of the ancient and those who seek true wisdom.


ISBN 978-5-7481-0201-8



BBK 87

P 80



Copyright Bai-Bal (Prokopjev Pavel Prokopjevich), 2010.A







Chapter One. Symbol


1. The origin of symbols............15


2. Classification of symbols...19


3. Philosophy of symbols...29


Chapter Two. Tetraktis and Philosphy


1. Monad...49


2. Dyad..65


3. Triad......81


4. Tetrad....91


5. Pentad..........115


6. Hexad......129


7. Heptad.....143


8. Hermes155


9. State.................171


10. Philosophy183


3. Tetraktis and Science


1. Pythagoras..203


2. Color and Light.......213


3. Sound..227


4. Taste....235


5. Smell...243


6. Octaves...249


7. Medicine.....255


4. Tetraktis and Religion


1. Moses...293


2. Religion....305


3. Evil.......329


4. Tree of Life.......357










About the age of twenty-five the author of this book had noticed a strange sense, he saw that the world around him was ordered and harmonized and not chaotic. In the course of time this sense grew and became stronger to the point of discomfort. Everything began with figure 4 (the square), starting from the division of world into 4 parts, the cross that symbolizes 4 elements or 4 times of the year etc. After it there was 3 (the triangle) that symbolizes the celestial Trine or the divine Trinity. 3+4=7 indicates the septenary of the existing world and human being. 7+3=10 indicates the Monad, the harmony and integrity of the world. About 10 years ago the author started gathering the information about these concepts. During the studying of Ayurveda and regarding a human being as three doshas the author decided to place all the knowledge into the symbol of Tetraktis. Although there was a lot of knowledge and a wish to structurize it, the author didnt have a scheme according to which he was going to structurize it. A scheme was required to make the work complete, to make it look fine and demonstrable. After several days of pondering over the problem a very elegant and precise solution was found. Then, about a year was required to verbalize and fine tune the text.

The author had formulated the following aims:

  • To introduce the reader into an ordered and harmonized world, to show the relatively advanced esoteric understanding of the world by our ancestors and to inspire the seekers of truth.
  • To return the Philosophy (Hermetic) to its genuine position so that it could eventually put an end to the age old war of religion and science, to reconcile the controversies between religions. All the misfortunes of humanity are caused by the conflict between Philosophy, Religion and Science with each of them pulling the world along its own way and tearing it apart. Philosophy is a celestial art that has been studying the Reality even in the times of Hermes Trismegistus. Though nowadays philosophy nowadays . Religion and science are the daughters of philisophy who have lost their initial purposes, they chaotically develop in the world following the only rule but commercial one.
  • To show to reseachers a foothold on which they could base their studies of the visible and invisible worlds using the special tools. In sober fact the Tetraktis is THE Key that was lost. Many secret ults were trying to recover it whilst the Tetraktis was an unapprehended symbol of their brotherhoods. The Tetraktis is a symbol and a key to etertal verity, a key to the philisophers stone, a key to Sangraal, a key to the rebirth of humanity. It is a mythical Alkahest and Soma, an elixir that grants eternal youth and health. It is a key to Verity, to the Creator and this path can only be overed with Its help. Only the pure ones, the people with cleared spirit and body can manage to go this way.

As Asclepius says to King Amon: For Hermes, my teacher, often conversing with me tet-a-tet, in the presence of Tat as well, said that those who read his book with the open mind, have a very simple and clear speech, those who come from the opposite backgrounds, seem slanderous, because their meaning is unclear and contains the hidden meaning of words. And even more obscure it will appear in the future, when the Greeks will wish to translate our speech into their own language which will lead to the greatest distortion and confusion of the written text.. Thats why the work was checked by the language of symbols, because symbols never lose their meaning over time. That's why the whole work consists of symbols and bases on the symbol of Tetraktis.

In fact this piece of work is an attempt to explain the esoteric theories of the ancients with the use of modern science. There are just several printed copies of the book, however, it is also available from my website ( www.bai-bal.ru ).

This piece of work work would not exist without the amazing work of Manly Palmer Hall "An Encyclopedic Outline of Masonic, Hermetic, Qabalistic and Rosicrucian symbolic philosophy". It is really impressive and monumental compilation which required effort to preserve the esoteric and occult knowledge. Large number of pictures, tables and ancient manuscripts that are not available for common readers make this work a basis for studying the esoteric doctrine.

The work also allows the reader to grow esoterically and gain additional knowledge on the topic.The text of the book may seem to be sophisticated though I hope that every reader will be pleased to read it and obtain the knowledge that the book contains. The years of studies allowed to discover the hidden truths and open new horizons for the artistic craft.

I am thankful to all the great sources of knowledge that allowed me to write this book.

Russia, Kaliningrad 06.02.2009.


I N T R O D U C T I O N.


The Tetraktis is an ancient and remarkably simple symbol, an equilateral triangle with 10 dots (or commas) inside. Admitting its simplicity, one should mention that ancients have hidden in it the greatest laws of the universe, analogy and similarity, the law of duality, rhythm, vibration, causality ... and their reflection in human being like in a microcosm.

(The Tetraktis)

Pythagoras declared that everything in nature is separated into three parts and that no one can become a truly wise man, without representing any problem in the form of a triangular diagram. He said Behold the triangle and two thirds of the problem are solved... All the things are ternary.

Theon from Myrrh proclaimed that ten dots or the Tetraktis of Pythagoras were a symbol of extreme importance due to their ability to grant an understanding of the mystery of universal nature to an inquisitive mind. Pythagoreans bounded themselves by oath: We swear by the name of Those, Who gave our souls Tetraktis, Who has source and root in the immortal nature.

Some egyptian and greek theories concerning the music and light are contained in the Pythagorean Tetraktis the highest symbol of the universal forces and processes. An understanding of this theory gives mathematically precise understanding of musical and color influence on a human, on his emotional state and on the healing of different types of maladies. For example the spectrum of light, or the different musical notes can be seen in the Tetraktisin their dynamic form. It gives us an understanding of the infinite nature of Universe and the laws governing the dynamic nature.

Plutarch believed that, nothing that is not based on Tetraktis can exist in nature. This was the Cause and the Action of all the things, a comprehensible God, the creator of all celestial and earthly phenomena. Plutarch interprets Tetraktis (he also names it a world) as equal to 36, consisting of the first four odd numbers that are put together with the first four uneven numbers: 1+3+5+7=16, 2+4+6+8=20; 16+20=36; 3+6=9, the figure 9 is a mondial number. If one connects 10 dots of Tetraktis, one would get 9 smaller triangles. As well as the sum of all the figures is 10: 1+2+3+5+6+7+8+9+10=55; 5+5=10 and ten is the number of dots in Tetraktis.

All medicine that is, was and will be can be found in these ten dots located inside this equilateral triangle. Medicine is deep and sacred in its nature and embraces human as a microcosm, his two parts: corporeal part (rough and material) and incorporeal part (invisible and spiritual). Even experts in Ayurveda and Tibetan medicine are only trying to comprehend the second part.



( Nine Triangles )


Modern science is so narrowly differentiated that even specialists from the same branch of knowledge do not understand each other. Modern scientists are so engrossed in research, that they lose touch with the generalities of nature. Whilst initiation in the ancient mysteries people were not taught differentially, but were taught united Laws and Principles: the principle of Mentalism, the Principle of Analogy (or Similarity) or Compliance, the principle of Vibration, the principle of Polarity or Duality, the principle of Rhythm, the principle of Causality and the principle of duality of active and passive origins. These laws are forgotten in the modern world, they are replaced with plenty of other petty laws, that sometimes contradict each other. Everything depended on the openness of the apprentice's mind. We don't speak about material mind, we speak about intuitive mind, given by God. That's the thing, that was told by Hermes to Tat: God gave every human intellect but gave mind only to some of them; this is not caused by jealousy for he is free from envy which does not emanate from above but is born in souls of those people who are deprived of mind. Tat asks Hermes: Why then God didn't give mind to all the people? And Hermes answers: He wanted souls to perceive it like a reward that must be earned. Then he speaks about what happens if there is no mind: And all those human souls, which weren't granted a mind as a helmsman, undergo the same thing as the souls of the subhuman animals. In Poimandres Hermes asks Good Demon (his Mind) the same question and gets the answer: I the Mind exist only in saints, good people, pure people and merciful people, my presence is a help for them: they directly cognize everything, they are lovingly greeted by Father and they thank him with their laudable words and hymns, being interconnected with him in a blissful rapture. We are sure that differentiation is a concept caused by the scientific evolution. But we are also sure in the opposite, when differentiation will reach its limit, and scientific development will start generalizing. It can be seen nowadays, when new generalized sciences like biophysics, biochemistry and astrophysics are formed. At last scientists are in the process of discovering secrets that were available to ancients. It is indeed true that everything new is just forgotten old.




(The Tetragrammaton)

(four lettered)


The Tetraktis of Pythagoras is surprisingly analogous to that of the Tetragrammaton from the Kabbala of Moses (ref. diagram above). This is not coincidental as they both got their wisdom from the same source i.e., the priests of ancient Egypt. Probably, Pythagoras not wanting to open the secret that did not belong to him, encrypted Tetragrammaton in the form of Tetraktis. It is considered that knowing the four letters of the Great Name (IHVH reads as Iod-hey-vey-hey) in the form of Tetraktis of Pythagoras one can expose the force hidden in the 72 Great Names of God. Medical genius Papius, a master of Kabbala, in his exalted work Magic and Hypnosis has written a few methods of how to extract these names. He writes From this Divine name kabbalists can extract the other names consisting of 72 letters !


This is the reason that IVEHEY can be found in many mysteries of ancient Greece. He also cites Fabre DOlivie on the word IEVE: This astounding name means the following That which was, that is and that will be. Further the same author asserts that IEVE: This is the secret of all secrets that is hidden from mere mortals, but that can speak through the name of God as one spirit to another. According to legends, Patriarch Enoch, whose name means founder, built an underground temple. It had nine halls, one after another. In the very center was a triangular symbol in gold on which was written the absolute and forbidden name of God.


Anyone who follows the path that leads to the source of Tetraktis will definitely reach ancient Egypt and from thereon to Atlantis. During Initiation rites in shrines priests passed on this secret knowledge to those who were worthy of it. Among those who received this knowledge to whom we will be referring to quite constantly are: Moses Highpriest of Osiris, cousin of Menteph, son of her Imperial majesty sister of Pharaoh Rameses II, Pythagoras, who spent 34 years roaming about the world, and about 22 of them he spent under the tutelage of the priests of Egypt gaining the heights of knowledge known only to them. He also had the access to the knowledge of Mages of Babylonia, Heirs of Zoroaster.



Orpheus for a period of 20 years learned from the Egyptian priests of Memphis, and after undergoing numerous trials earned his name Orpheus which means one who heals using light. Aristocles, more known as Plato, Disciple of Socrates and teacher of Aristotles, Divine Philosopher, in just a time period of 3 years learned all the mysteries of nature from the priests of Ancient Egypt and became the Priest of Isis. All of these people are united by one fact i.e., that they all underwent training or studied under the priest of Ancient Egypt. Separately from all of them is Hermes Trismegist, a mysterious entity, the founder of Egyptian Civilization. We will be constantly referring to him for help, so that the investigator of mysteries can understand and truly appreciate the works of Great ones.


Some of the most authoritative and famous investigators of the works of Hermes Trismegist think that all that was to be said is to be found in his work and that his works put a full stop. We on the other hand are of the opinion that it not a full stop but a continuation. The full stop that was supposed to be the works of Hermes turn out to be the central point of radius of a great circle of knowledge and is the beginning and end of all knowledge. Humanity is yet to get all the knowledge of Hermes and no wonder he is called Trismegist (Thrice Exalted). Only then can humanity can enter into the Golden Age. This work is a rehabilitation of the works of Hermes as it rests on the foundation of Hermetic philosophy. Multiple reference to different authors in the form of proof of idea or fact is necessary here for you the seeker mainly and not for the author of the current work.



(Moses and Tetraktis)


A few pictures are shown here in order to highlight the importance of the symbol of Tetraktis. In the first of this series is the above picture showing Moses receiving the ten commandments from God on the Sinai mountain. Its important to note the location of Tetraktis in this picture as it is represented as the body of God from which are shown divine hands giving the commandments to Moses. Tetraktis is surrounded by an aura of light which in usual symbols represents divinity. The right hand of god shows Moses the commandments and the commandments themselves are in the form of an open book in the form of opposites, which by themselves are a form of Duality.


The second picture in this series is the cover of book named Holy Trinosophy, a very rare and possibly the only book authored by St.Germain, one of the greatest and mysterious personality of our times. On this cover the most important place is given to a shining Tetraktis, that is located on the top center.


(Holy Trinosophy)


The third picture of this series has multiple meanings as the illustration is made up of Great Pythagoras on the background of the symbol of Tetraktis. Its important to note here that not only the location of tetraktis as the central piece but also its link with the Pyramids. Above the head of Pythagoras, on the background of blue sky is illustrated the Tetraktis, and in his right hand(note not the left) is a model of Pyramid. Pythagoras spent a long time among the priests of Egypt to not have seen this inter relationship. Further we will see that the Tetraktis is but a two dimensional representation of the Pyramid. The Monumental Pyramid of Gizeh already holds in itself the complete knowledge that can be found in the Tetraktis.



(Pythagoras and Tetraktis)


The Tetraktis is a well known symbol and is wide spread, and can be found in many ancient manuscripts, alchemical treatises, on the facade of buildings and cathedrals historically linked to the Freemasons and the Templars. The symbol of Tetraktis practically cannot be found in the form demonstrated by Pythagoras but many of its variations are wide spread and we have illustrated a few for your perusal.. Tetraktis can be found in the form of sun with rays spreading out, to show the shining nature which in turn means divinity.









(commonly found symbols of Tetraktis)



The author would welcome offers from publishing houses to publish the English version of his book "Tetraktis" and consider positively to all of the proposals. Kindly contact the author by mail or by skype indicated in the contact page.



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